The objective of Shift2Rail Innovation Programme 5 is twofold: 

  • To acquire a new service-oriented profile for rail freight services based on excellence in on-time delivery at competitive prices, interweaving its operations with other transport modes, addressing clientele needs by incorporating innovative value added services, among others;
  • To increase productivity, by addressing current operational and system weaknesses and limitations including interoperability issues, by finding cost-effective solutions to these problems, including optimisation of existing infrastructure, and by fostering technology transfer from other sectors into rail freight.

DYNAFREIGHT will take up some of the key results from past and current EU R&D projects such as MARATHON, Roll2Rail, Refresco, Capacity4Rail, Sustrail, DynoTrain and Euraxles and will contribute, together with the corresponding CFM Project FFL4E, to the EU rail freight vision of IP5 in line with the goals set in the 2011 EC Transport White Paper.

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