DYNAFREIGHT presented at Shift Freight to Rail event in Vienna

DYNAFREIGHT participated in the Shift Freight to Rail eventon the 18th of April in Vienna.

The Shift Freight to Rail event offered the opportunity topresent the preliminary results of DYNAFREIGHT to freight expert coming fromall over Europe.

Andrea Demadonna (UNIFE), DYNAFREIGHT Project Coordinator, introduced the presentation with a general overview of project objectives and structure. Simon Iwnicki (Huddersfield University) focused on the main available results of WP2 on Freight Locomotive’s Running Gear, while Visakh Krishna (KTH) and Carlo Vaghi (FIT Consulting) illustrated the main achievements on Task 3.2 Safety precautions in train configuration and brake application and Task 3.3 Adaptions in the rail infrastructure for long-train operation respectively.

Five other ongoing Shift2Rail freight projects (ARCC, FFL4E, FR8RAIL, SMART and INNOWAG) showed their preliminary outcomes in areas such as long trains, obstacle detection, wagon design, real time management and automated operations.

DYNAFREIGHT posters at TRA2018

DYNAFREIGHT participated in the 2018 edition of the Transport Research Arena with three posters focused on:

  • General overview of the project
  • Design of a novel, low impact Bogie for a freight Locomotive
  • Scenarios and Requirements for the Operation of longer Freight Trains in Europe
The three posters are available on this LINK

DYNAFREIGHT Final Conference - 27 June 2018, Brussels

The DYNAFREIGHT Final Conference will take place on the 27th of June in Brussels. More information will follow soon.

DYNAFREIGHT Advisory Group meeting - 8-9 May 2018, Brussels

DYNAFREIGHT is organising an AdvisoryGroup meeting on the 8th and 9th of May in Brussels. The meeting will be theoccasion to present the interim results of the project and discuss withexternal stakeholders about the impact and potential of its outputs.

The meeting will be organised over two daysand each of them will focus on one of the two technical Work Packages:

Day1 – Freight running gear for locomotives. The presentations and discussion willconcentrate of the following activities:

  • A light materials assessmentfor rail freight bogie application;
  • A description of the identifiednoise sources, retained limits for the overall noise and source power andproposed measures to achieve the targets with its calculated/measured improvements;
  • A study of passive andmechatronic systems for radial steering;
  • An analysis of the freightparameters to be monitored and the expected impact in terms of monitoring LCC.

Day2 – Operation of long freight trains. The presentations and discussion willconcentrate of the following activities:

  • Definition/implementation offunctional, technical and homologation requirements for a radio remotecontrolled traction and braking system;
  • Proposals of safety precautionsin train configuration and brake application by analysing and simulatinglongitudinal forces and derailment risk of long freight trains;
  • Identifying adaptions needed inthe infrastructure for the operation of long freight trains up to 1,500m.

If you are interested in participating inthis meeting please contact DYNAFREIGHT Project Coordinator at

Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels!

Seminar on Railway Technology

As part of the Seminar onRailway Technology, a perspective of the project was given at the Technical Universityof Berlin (TUB).

The lecture consisted of the following parts:

  • Placing of DYNAFREIGHT in the European railwayresearch
  • Overview of the project
  • Introduction to Work package 2
  • Introduction to Work package 3

The presentation (Vorstellung des Projektes‘Dynafreight’ - Innovative technische Lösungen für die Verbesserung derZugdynamik und den Betrieb der längeren Güterzüge) was mainly focused on the technicalaims, the methods and the achieved results in the tasks, in which theresearchers of Berlin are involved: the noise reduction, the radial steeringsolutions for locomotive bogies and the safety precautions for long trainoperations.

After the presentation, an extensive discussion tookplace. It mainly addressed the real possibility of 1.5 km long trains, whichwould be a serious step for the future freight operation in Europe.

Around 40 experts took part in the seminar. Some ofthe companies that were present: DB Netz AG, BVG, VDEI, etc.


DYNAFREIGHT WP2 (Next Generation Freight Locomotive's Bogie) will be present at TRA during the poster session. The poster, developed by several DYNAFREIGHT partners (Huddersfield University and Stadler Rail Valencia as main author, POLIMI, LucchiniRS, TUB and UNIFE), has been titled ''Design of a novel, low impact bogie for a freight locomotive''.

DYNAFREIGHT ''Operation of Long Freight Trains'' Poster at TRA2018

DYNAFREIGHT WP3 (Operation of Long Freight Trains) will be present at TRA during the poster session. The poster, developed by several DYNAFREIGHT partners (FIT Consulting as lead author, KTH, ADIF, Laird and UNIFE), has been titled ''Scenarios and requirements for the operation of longer freight trains in Europe''.


DYNAFREIGHT will be present at TRA2018 with the first newsletter which will be distributed at UNIFE stand. You are welcome to visit UNIFE stand and ask for more information about the project! Moreover, DYNAFREIGHT will participate in the IP5 Joint Event together with all other IP5 CFM and OC Projects to present its main achievements so far.

Huddersfield University article on DYNAFREIGHT

The Huddersfield Rail Institute released an article on the research on lightweight bogies in the frame of the DYNAFREIGHT project. The full article is available HERE

DYNAFREIGHT presented by Huddersfield University at IAVSD 2017 in Australia, 14-18 August 2017

DYNAFREIGHT was present at the 25th International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks at the Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, Australia. Prof. Simon Iwnicki from Huddersfield University presented the first results of Light Materials Assessment. The full presentation is available HERE

DYNAFREIGHT at Transport Logistic fair in Munich – 9-12 May 2017

DYNAFREIGHT was disseminated during the Transport Logistic fair which took place between 9 and 12 May in Munich. The event gave visitors a complete look at the entire process chain of the transport and logistics sector. At the trade fair, 2,162 exhibitors from 62 countries showcased their products and services at this industry´s leading international trade fair. Transport logistic Munich also featured an extensive program of related events and conferences. Furthermore the trade fair served as ideal platform for knowledge transfer and networking.

DYNAFREIGHT brochures were displayed and distributed at the Technische Universität Berlin stand and UNIFE was also present on 10 May.

DYNAFREIGHT presented at the PTFE General Assembly on the 30th of November 2016 in Madrid

As member of PTFE, Stadler Rail Valencia gave a presentation on the recently started DYANFERIGHT project in the PTFE General Assembly on the 30th of November 2016. This was done in the specific section of “Current Strategic Projects in progress” of the agenda. Juan Ignacio Fernandez, Traction & Electrical Systems Engineer in Stadler Rail Valencia and key developer on Marathon project (when the company was Vossloh España), presented DYNAFREIGHT project, giving an overview of:

  • Project data: partners, budget, duration, etc
  • Main goal and technical objectives
  • Structure of the project
  • Explanation on technical tasks and general planning
  • Expected Impacts of the project

The ambitions of the project was presented to the audience of the PTFE. The presentation is available HERE

DYNAFREIGHT KO meeting successfully held in Brussels on 23rd November 2016

DYNAFREIGHT (Innovative technical solutions for improved train DYNAmics and operation of longer FREIGHt Trains) KO meeting was successfully held on the 23rd of November in Brussels. DYNAFREIGHT, coordinated by UNIFE, is a 20-month Shift2Rail project which includes 10 partners from 6 EU Member-states: UNIFE Lucchini RS, KTH, Politecnico di Milano, Technische Universität Berlin, Huddersfield University, ADIF, Laird Controls Europe and FIT Consulting.

DYNAFREIGHT will contribute to EU rail freight transport vision by focusing on the next generation freight bogie locomotives and on preparing the path for regular operations of long freight trains (up to 1,500m), providing the first steps for the development of TD5.5 New Freight Propulsion Concepts within Shift2Rail IP5.

During the event, partners presented the planned work and a fruitful discussion with members of the corresponding CFM project FFL4E (Future Freight Locomotive for Europe) took place, ensuring the full alignment of the two projects in terms of activities and transfer of results.

Project launched

The DYNAFREIGHT project officially started on 1 November 2016. The kick-off meeting was successfully held in Brussels on 23 November 2016, organised by UNIFE.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730811

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